Water Sports

The combination of physical activity and being in nature is recognized as providing a range of significant benefits. 

Like any other sport or form of exercise, water sport is good for the body. Additionally, it is also good for the mind. The tranquil quality of water reduces stress and anxiety.

Naturally enough, being surrounded by water and home to some of the largest inland waterways in Europe, water sports in Ireland are extremely popular and very easy to come by! You can find a fantastic variety of water sports suitable for all ages and abilities ranging from Inflatable Water Parks, such as Bay Sports in Hodson Bay or Aqua Splash in Dromineer or  Sailing clubs, SUP rentals Stand Up Paddleboarding, Wakebaording & WaterSkiing, Windsurfing and much more.

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Get to explore all that the inland waterways has to offer by kayaking either on the River Shannon, along the Canals or one of the many beautiful lakes.

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Open water swimming has exploded in Ireland in recent years. It’s a great way to build fitness while adding a dash of adventure to the mix.

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Blueways are a network of multi-activity recreational trails, based on or alongside the inland waterways of Ireland.

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Cycle from your boat to the nearest shop or restaurant, mountain bike on forest tracks or experience idyllic sections of the Blueway & Greenway cycling routes; these all form part of the waterside biking experience.

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The walking routes around Ireland’s waterways are nothing short of spectacular. Taking you into the heart of her most unspoilt landscape.

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Ireland’s Greenways link places of interest, recreation and leisure in areas with beautiful scenery of different types.

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Ireland has so many fishing options for beginners to professionals and often described as an anglers dream.

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Golfing in Ireland has become a popular attraction to many visitors. There’s no better way to explore some of Ireland’s best golf courses than by taking a cruise on the River Shannon and spending quality time on the greens.

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Heritage & Culture

The River Shannon is the country’s supreme waterway, known and traveled for thousands of years linked to every stage of Ireland’s history and development.

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